painted pendants

One of the niftiest medium combinations around, (just in my opinion of course), is polymer clay and alcohol ink.

Alcohol ink, generally used for stamping, is the perfect complement to polymer clay. With this ink, you can tint your clay, layer textures and colors, achieve anything from bold color blocks to a subtle glow. It can be applied to uncured or cured clay. My favorite application is to paint the clay.

When I brought home my first selection of ink, I experimented with blocks of color, applying the ink to cured clay. After a while, I tried dabbing the ink on with a small brush. I found I had more control painting the uncured clay – the ink has a mind of its own on cured clay and scampers about the face of the pendant – but I like painting on either surface. My little paintings are fairly simple and my usual subjects are found in nature:

Flowers are fun to paint too:

I tried combining coloring the wet clay and painting on this one:












I always strive to improve my little painted pendants – it’s a learning process like anything else I suppose. In the meantime, I’m having a lot of fun doing it. If you are wanting to try something new, I would definitely recommend adding a little alcohol ink to your project.

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2 Responses to painted pendants

  1. You’re pendants are so lovely! Thanks for this informative feature. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making polymer clay buttons and you have inspired me!

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