There is a mind boggling number of social sites/communities/forums etc. on the internet. Obviously, people join sites populated with individuals who share the same interests or passions. When I first joined Etsy, I discovered the site encouraged their members to join smaller teams within the site. And, again obviously, people join the team(s) that relate to their individual interests/product/passions.

Okay. I love polymer clay. I make jewelry (lots of pendants). This is my current passion/interest/products. I could join a polymer clay team. Or a jewelry team. Or perhaps a team for people in my geographical location. What to do? As I scrolled through page after page of possible teams, my eye caught a group – my group – The Dachshund Team. Of course!

Although many of my co-members create lovely, charming, and sometimes just plain silly dachshund themed or related items, this team is open to all of us dachshund lovers. Our team leader, Athena, created the idea of “pawmotion”, a way to showcase products created by our team members. This is my first pawmotion in what will be an ongoing category. So…without further ado…today’s pawmotion item by Red Wagon Weiners

This little ornament is bound to put a smile on your face! Have a giggle and check out all of RedWagonWeiner’s items. And, check back here for future pawmotions.

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2 Responses to pawmotion

  1. Thanks for the team “pawmotion” in addition to the pawmotion of this adorable ornament. Dachshund lovers are a breed all their own and we love having you as part of the team!


  2. I love being on the team! Thanks!

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